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Building plots

BedrijvenPark Oostflakkee covers around 60 hectares and offers plenty of opportunities for future growth. Currently, 30 hectares suitable for companies assigned an environmental category of 4 or less are being allocated in plots of up to 20,000 m², and the remaining 30 hectares are being left as natural open space. The result is a park that nestles seamlessly into its surrounding scenic landscape: an inspirational place to work.

Financial aspects

The economic feasibility of this new project depends not only on the land purchase; additional municipal charges and energy supply agreements are important factors as well. But the highly competitive price for plots at BedrijvenPark Oostflakkee makes for a very nice start!

Close to Rotterdam

BedrijvenPark Oostflakkee is situated on the N59 that leads directly onto the A29. This means that Rotterdam is always within easy reach, and so are West Brabant and Belgium. The future expansion of the A4, which will be the second direct connection between Rotterdam and the international port city of Antwerp, will make access even better in the near future.

Environmental category 4

Companies allocated an environmental category of 1 or 2 are permitted throughout the whole area covered by the plan. Companies in category 3 are allowed within the 50-m zone if they receive an exemption or meet certain conditions. Outside of this zone, companies in categories 1, 2 and 3 can be issued a permit straightaway. Even companies in category 4 are permitted outside the 100-m zone if they receive an exemption from the municipality and meet certain conditions.

Project developers

BedrijvenPark Oostflakkee is being developed by the Municipality of Oostflakkee and BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling. Both are shareholders of Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij C.V. BedrijvenPark Oostflakkee of which Marleen van Giesen is the director under the articles of association.


Oostflakkee provides a safe environment for young and old alike, and the cost of housing here is still affordable. Because Oostflakkee is a closely knit community, it has a high level of social awareness: a place where parents have no cares about letting their children play outdoors. Everyone here simply keeps an eye on what’s going on around them.

The surroundings offer plenty of opportunities for recreation, and Rotterdam is only a 30-minute drive away. Wooded areas and beaches make great places to walk, cycle and enjoy the scenery. And the large nearby bodies of water such as the Harinvliet and the Grevelingen are very popular for sailing, surfing or fishing – especially in the summer.

Park management.

BedrijvenPark Oostflakkee offers companies located on the grounds an integrated approach to park management aimed at the long-term maintenance of quality. Park management is in charge of managing and maintaining public space; supplying and arranging connections to gas and electricity networks; providing signage, collective security services, and collective refuse collection; and purchasing specific goods and services. These efforts will retain property value and ensure a beautiful impression of the grounds.


If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mailing address   BedrijvenPark Oostflakkee
    PO Box 16075
    2500 BB The Hague
    The Netherlands
Director   Marleen van Giesen
E-mail   vangiesen@bnggo.nl
Telephone   +31 (0)6 21 89 04 59
Business contact / Estate agent   Marco Harthoorn
E-mail   mharthoorn@zeelandnet.nl
Telephone   +31 (0)6 29 01 29 43
Estate agent   Terry Kramer Freher
E-mail   terry@de3linden.com
Telephone   +31 (0)187 600 425